• etc/bash.bashrc

if [ -f "${file}" ]; then
    source "${file}"

┌ \e[0;31m\t\e[0m\
 – \e[0;32m\${?}\e[0m\
 – \e[0;33m\u\e[0m\
 @ \e[0;34m\h\e[0m\
if git --version &> /dev/null; then
    PS1="${PS1} –\e[0;35m\$(__git_ps1)\e[0m"
└ "
└ "

if [ -f "${file}" ]; then
    source "${file}"


  • etc/bash.alias


# apt

# update packages catalog
alias aud='apt-get update'

# show package information
alias a='apt-cache show'

# package versions policy
alias ap='apt-cache policy'

# upgrade forbidding package installation or removal
alias aug='apt-get upgrade'

# upgrade allowing package installation or removal
alias adu='apt-get dist-upgrade'

# install packages
alias ai='apt-get install'

# clean packages cache
alias ac='apt-get autoclean;apt-get clean;apt-get autoremove'

# bash

# clear terminal
alias c='clear'

# exit terminal
alias x='exit'

# change current directory to its parent
alias ..='cd ..'

# make a directory
alias md='mkdir'

# make a directory after making its parents
alias mdp='mkdir --parents'

# change current directory to the previous one
alias pd='cd -'

# change mode as directory
alias cmd='chmod 755'

# change mode as file
alias cmf='chmod 644'

# change owner as root
alias cor='chown 0:0'

# change owner as user
alias cou='chown 1000:1000'

# look for a string in processes names
alias pg='ps -A|grep'

# kill a process by id
alias k='kill -9'

# kill all instances of a process by name
alias ka='killall'

# grep from current directory with regex
alias g='grep -rn . -e'

# list current directory entries
alias l='ls --all --color -l -p --time-style="+%Y%m%d-%H%M%S%-:::z"'

# git

# add to index
alias ga='git add'

# add all to index
alias gaa='git add --all'

# add interactively
alias gai='git add --interactive'

# create a branch
alias gb='git branch'

# delete a branch
alias gbd='git branch --delete'

# force a branch deletion
alias gbdf='git branch --delete --force'

# list branches
alias gbl='git branch --all --list --verbose --verbose'

# set the link to a remote branch from a local branch
alias gbu='git branch -u'

# list branches verbosely
alias gbv='git branch --verbose --verbose'

# clone a remote repository
alias gc='git clone'

# clean untracked files
alias gcf='git clean -d --force'

# clean untracked files interactively
alias gci='git clean -d --interactive'

# index all and commit
alias gacm='git add --all;git commit -m'

# commit the index
alias gcm='git commit -m'

# redo the last commit with a different message
alias gcma='git commit --amend -m'

# make a root commit
alias gcmr='git commit --allow-empty --allow-empty-message -m ""'

# switch to a branch or checkout file(s) from a commit
alias gco='git checkout'

# checkout an orphan branch
alias gcoo='git checkout --orphan'

# checkout development branch
alias gcod='git checkout dev'

# checkout feature branch
alias gcof='git checkout f'

# pick a commit
alias gcp='git cherry-pick'

# abort the commit pick
alias gcpa='git cherry-pick --abort'

# continue the commit pick
alias gcpc='git cherry-pick --continue'

# configure the user name
alias gcun='git config'

# configure the user email
alias gcue='git config'

# differences from last or between commits
alias gd='git diff'

# display what is indexed in cache
alias gdc='git diff --cached'

# differences via external tool
alias gdt='git difftool --dir-diff'

# differences via external tool
alias gdw='git diff --word-diff-regex=.'

# fetch from the remote repository
alias gf='git fetch --verbose --tags'

# garbage collect all orphan commits
alias ggc='git reflog expire --expire=now --all;git gc --prune=now'

# initialize a new repository
alias gi='git init'

# initialize a new bare repository
alias gib='git init --bare'

# log commits history
alias gl='git log --all --graph \
--format="%C(auto)%h%d %C(red)%ai%n%C(auto)%B"'

# log medium information
alias glm='git log --all --decorate --graph --format=medium'

# log medium information with patches
alias glp='git log --all --decorate --graph --format=medium --patch'

# fast-forward to remote branch
alias gmf='git merge --ff-only'

# do a merge commit
alias gmc='git merge --no-ff -m'

# abort the current merge commit
alias gma='git merge --abort'

# squash a branch and index its modifications
alias gms='git merge --squash'

# merge via external tool
alias gmt='git mergetool'

# push to the remote repository
alias gp='git push --verbose --tags --set-upstream'

# delete from the remote repository
alias gpd='git push --verbose --delete'

# force the push to the remote repository
alias gpf='git push --verbose --tags --set-upstream --force'

# rebase current branch onto another
alias grb='git rebase'

# abort current rebase
alias grba='git rebase --abort'

# continue current rebase
alias grbc='git rebase --continue'

# force rebase without fast-forward
alias grbf='git rebase --no-ff'

# rebase interactively
alias grbi='git rebase --interactive'

# list all remote repositories
alias grm='git remote'

# add a new remote repository
alias grma='git remote add'

# list remote repositories
alias grml='git remote --verbose'

# show a connection to a repository
alias grms='git remote show'

# set the location of the remote repository
alias grmu='git remote set-url'

# remove file(s) from index or move current branch pointer
alias grs='git reset'

# move current branch pointer to the development branch
alias grsd='git reset dev'

# wipe modifications or reset current branch to another commit
alias grsh='git reset --hard'

# reset current branch to the development branch
alias grshd='git reset --hard dev'

# current state of repository
alias gs='git status --untracked-files=all'

# show a commit
alias gsh='git show'

# tag a commit
alias gt='git tag'

# delete a tag
alias gtd='git tag --delete'

# rsync

# synchronize
alias rs='rsync --archive --no-whole-file --progress --verbose'

# no synchronize
alias rsn='rsync --archive --no-whole-file --progress --verbose -n'

# synchronize and delete
alias rsd='rsync --archive --no-whole-file --progress --verbose --delete'

# synchronize and delete
alias rsdn='rsync --archive --no-whole-file --progress --verbose --delete -n'


alias c="clear"
alias cmd="chmod 755"
alias cmf="chmod 644"
alias cor="chown 0:0"
alias cou="chown 1000:1000"
alias k="kill -9"
alias ka="killall -9"
alias l="ls --all --color=always -l \
--indicator-style=slash --time-style=\"+%Y%m%d-%H%M%S%-:::z\""
alias pg="ps -A|grep"
alias x="exit"

alias a="apt-cache show"
alias ac="apt-get autoclean;apt-get clean;apt-get autoremove"
alias acl="apt-get changelog"
alias adl="apt-get download"
alias adu="apt-get dist-upgrade"
alias adus="apt-get dist-upgrade --simulate"
alias adub="apt-get dist-upgrade --target-release stretch-backports"
alias adubs="apt-get dist-upgrade --target-release stretch-backports --simulate"
alias af="apt-get --fix-broken install"
alias afs="apt-get --fix-broken install --simulate"
alias ai="apt-get install"
alias ais="apt-get install --simulate"
alias aib="apt-get install --target-release stretch-backports"
alias aibs="apt-get install --target-release stretch-backports --simulate"
alias ait="apt-get install --target-release testing"
alias aits="apt-get install --target-release testing --simulate"
alias aiu="apt-get install --target-release unstable"
alias aius="apt-get install --target-release unstable --simulate"
alias ap="apt-cache policy"
alias as="apt-cache search"
alias asrc="apt-get source"
alias aud="apt-get update"
alias aug="apt-get upgrade"
alias augs="apt-get upgrade --simulate"
alias augb="apt-get upgrade --target-release stretch-backports"
alias augbs="apt-get upgrade --target-release stretch-backports --simulate"

alias ga="git add"
alias gaa="git add --all"
alias gb="git branch"
alias gbd="git branch --delete"
alias gbdf="git branch --delete --force"
alias gbl="git branch --all --list --verbose --verbose"
alias gbu="git branch -u"
alias gc="git clone"
alias gcf="git clean -d --force"
alias gcm="git commit -m"
alias gcma="git commit --amend -m"
alias gcme="git commit --allow-empty --allow-empty-message -m"
alias gco="git checkout"
alias gcob="git checkout -b"
alias gcoo="git checkout --orphan"
alias gcp="git cherry-pick"
alias gcpa="git cherry-pick --abort"
alias gcpc="git cherry-pick --continue"
alias gcue="git config"
alias gcun="git config"
alias gd="git diff"
alias gdc="git diff --word-diff-regex=."
alias gdt="git difftool --dir-diff"
alias gf="git fetch --tags --verbose"
alias gfsnr="git fsck --no-progress --no-reflogs"
alias ggc="git reflog expire --expire=now --all; git gc --prune=now"
alias gi="git init"
alias gib="git init --bare"
alias gl="git log --abbrev-commit --all --decorate --graph --format=oneline"
alias gla="git log --all --decorate --graph \
--format=\"%C(auto)%h %C(red)%an%C(auto)%d %C(reset)%s\""
alias glm="git log --all --decorate --graph --format=medium"
alias gma="git merge --abort"
alias gmc="git merge --no-ff -m"
alias gmf="git merge --ff-only"
alias gms="git merge --squash"
alias gmt="git mergetool"
alias gp="git push --set-upstream --tags --verbose"
alias gpd="git push --delete origin"
alias grb="git rebase"
alias grba="git rebase --abort"
alias grbc="git rebase --continue"
alias grbi="git rebase --interactive"
alias grma="git remote add origin"
alias grmc="git rm --cached"
alias grms="git remote show origin"
alias grmu="git remote set-url origin"
alias grs="git reset"
alias grsh="git reset --hard"
alias grshd="git reset --hard dev"
alias grshm="git reset --hard master"
alias gs="git status --untracked-files"
alias gsc="git show"
alias gt="git tag"
alias gtd="git tag --delete"

alias rs="rsync --archive --progress --verbose"
alias rsn="rsync --archive --progress --verbose -n"
alias rsd="rsync --archive --progress --verbose --delete"
alias rsdn="rsync --archive --progress --verbose --delete -n"

alias tc="tar --numeric-owner --verbose --create --auto-compress --file"
alias tx="tar --numeric-owner --verbose --extract --file"